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Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

The 6 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

Meetings are much easier than before. There were not many options, most of them are expensive, and the video quality is always poor. But today, video calls are as easy as clicking a button. Here is The Best Free Video Conferencing Apps listed. However, video conferencing requires more video chat from the consumer level. You need other tools to support many people’s applications. For business meetings, it must be stable and reliable. There are some very good options in this space. This is the best video conferencing app for Android!

If you suddenly find yourself working from home or other remote locations, you will miss the interaction with other people. By allowing you to talk face to face, even if it can help by screen video conferencing.

Fortunately, there are many free video-conferencing application that you can use to connect.

1. Zoom Meetings

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Support for up to 100 participants for up to 40 minutes.

The zoom is a complete video conferencing suite is designed to provide an attractive freedom of choice for enterprise customers. Members free account can hold video conferences for up to 100 people attended the meeting, but more than three people were limited to 40 minutes.

You can upgrade to a paid plan to eliminate them, or just save your meetings short and sweet. And you can not limit the number of meetings, so you can only spend the new call if you exceed the limit.

Increase allows participants to join the Internet, help pictures and Android applications specific applications, browser extensions and mobile devices. Users can call when needed. Free users can also record video or audio local and shared the screen with other participants.

2. Google Hangouts

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Supports Up to 10 participants for an unlimited duration.

If you have a Google account, you can access Google Hangout. Free Gmail and G Lux basic customers, Google’s Hangouts allows up to 10 people in a video call chat. The service also supports voice chat, and allow participants to join the meeting via e-mail or share links.

In response to the crisis coronavirus, Google has simplified some of the limitations of all of G and G luxury suites education customers, regardless of level. Now, customers can hold video conferences up to 250 people to 2020 July 1.

Other enterprise-class capabilities for all business negotiations, customer kit, including the possibility in the field of video streaming up to 10 million viewers, and the ability to record and save directly at Google Drive.


You can use Google’s Hangouts in most Web browsers or using iPhone and Android Google Hangouts app.

3. Cisco Webex Meetings

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Support for up to 100 participants in perpetuity.

CISCO usually expensive enterprise product-related names are usually beyond the scope of free users. WebEx is a Web conferencing solution company, and it is with those who are looking for video conferencing solutions bones free safe choice.

Accommodate up to 100 participants in a single call, as long as you want. And you can call the number posted no limit, you will get 1 GB of free cloud storage account. Meeting includes features such as screen sharing, file sharing and video recording support.

WebEx allows the use of standard in mobile phone users in 52 countries to join any meeting. Who want to use their webcam participant has a dedicated desktop, or mobile applications for the iPhone and Android (complete with its own characteristics, screen sharing) option on the application site.

4. Skype

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Supports up to 50 participants continuously upto unlimited time.

Skype is a popular VoIP applications, most users now hear. It is suitable for video conferencing up to 50 people (including the owner), free for small groups. The company launched the expansion of the video call feature in April 2019, improved compared with 25 the previous limit.

Use Skype, so that each participant will need to register and download a Skype or other capacity, whether it is the main drawback desktop application or mobile phone.

Any member comprises a useful cloud Skype conversation recording function may call to call. This will inform other participants of the conversation is being recorded and allows users to save and share the record of 30 days.

5. GoToMeeting

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Supports upto 150 perticipients constantly.

GoToMeeting is another popular new video conference option. This member supports 15 members at the lowest subscription level and 25-125 members at higher levels. The application supports audio calls and video calls. Some other features include UI material design, calendar synchronization, text chat at each meeting, presentation function and more. Video and audio quality is above average. However, a maximum of 25 participants was slightly lower. This is useful for small businesses or small teams that are part of a larger enterprise. There are other higher ceiling options.

6. FreeConference


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Supports Up to five video participants and 1000 audio participants for an unlimited duration.

Contrary to what the name suggests, FreeConference is not free. It has a decent free option can be a very useful service quality in some cases. For video conferencing, FreeConference only the level of support up to five players in freedom.

What makes FreeConference potential shines, however, it was called in 1000 to support audio participants. The service also adopts the method of free software to video calls, most users nothing more than a browser connection.

FreeConference also for the iPhone and Android mobile application, which is open free users. Unfortunately, there is no way to record your phone, if you are not ready to upgrade to the Premium package.

7. Jitsi

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Support unlimited number of participants continously.

Jitsi is 100% free and open source project, which has an attractive range. You can also use the hosted version between Jitsi meet.jit.si choose, you can also download the full flexibility and placed in their own video conferencing solutions.

The number of service members “unlimited” It should be noted theoretical. The telephone support service in both the managed and self-hosted versions of the audio participants. The service supports screen sharing and has for the iPhone and Android (F-Droid package) mobile applications.

To record Jitsi meeting, you can stream on YouTube, and then bypass the (private or private) link, or simply download a file for storage.

There is no bonus levels jitsi, the item is free thanks to the 8 × 8, it uses its own products and technologies.

So, These are the few Best Free Video Conferencing Apps which we recomend.
Hope this Helps You to find the best for you.

Keep Working Remotely

Video conferencing is a powerful tool for those who want to keep long-distance business contacts, students and groups. This is also the time to stay with colleagues and students, you can not touch the person is in a great way.

If you are new to the world of work remotely, do not miss our first secret of effective work at home. We recommend a video call with colleagues better interaction phones

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