Best Video Downloader APP For Android 2019

Best Video Downloader APP For Android 2019

iT Video Downloader: Best Video Downloader APP For Android 2019 

Best Video Downloader APP For Android 2019: Who doesn’t want to watch videos or movies? Everyone likes to watch videos or movies, Right..!. So, generally for this, we are depended on our Mobile, Tablet or Laptop with many online video streaming apps and web streaming sites but what about when we are offline, way out from the Internet accessibility, here as example Youtube lets you download some videos to watch offline only inside youtube app but not all the videos that maybe you desire to see later.

Screenshot 20191121 011802 Video Downloader

The YouTube Terms of Service expressly state that you should not download any content if the download button or link does not appear on the YouTube Service for any content.
To download any video from Youtube, Facebook or anywhere there is none of any official app but there are many third-party apps to download some of the videos.

Downloading videos on Android phones is not a big deal anymore, there are many video downloader apps for Android. Only a few are capped to full HD resolutions. If you have decent internet speed & bandwidth (we’re pretty sure you’ve), you can pretty much make most of these apps. This will not only work with YouTube & Facebook, but also Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tiktok,  and a bunch of others as well. Without any further ado, let’s dive right into the Best free video downloader app, shall we?

Here is The Best Most Simple Video Downloader Of 2019

IT Video Downloader

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Equipped with an advanced android browser.
  • Flash video supported.
  • Realtime downloading progress.
  • Pop-up for downloading the videos on Android.
  • Everything for free

This easy to use video downloader app makes downloading from many sources easy and fast. It offers a special feature where you just have to simply copy and paste the URL to the download bar of any video. Apart from this, it allows you to download media files in mp3/ mp4 format as well as high-quality content.Best Video Downloader APP For Android 2019

Step by Step Of Easy Download :

Step 1. Download and Install TubeMate

Best Video Downloader APP For Android 2019


When you are trying to download this app, youshould be careful that iT Video Downloader isn’ton Google Play.After the downloading, install the APK file on your phone.




Step 2. Search for Your Favorite Video

Best Video Downloader APP For Android 201920191128 133210

You can copy and paste the URL of any videos directly in the
search bar of it OR you can directly share the video link with
iT Video Downloader to download any social media video.
First copy the video URL & then paste the link in the search
bar and the rest of the process let be done by the app.


Step 3. Download Videos

Screenshot 20191128 133646 iT Video Downloader.jpg

When you choose your ideal resolution just click the Download button, and it starts to download. You should note that the downloaded videos will be stored on your Internal memory by
default, you can change the directory location at any time as you wish.




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