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Features Of Linux Operating System

What Is Linux Operating System?

One of the most popular operating systems is Linux. In this article, we will know about Linux and Features of Linux. This is an open-source because its source code is freely available. It is free to use. Linux was designed with UNIX compatibility in mind. Its performance list is very similar to UNIX.

Components Of Linux Operating System And Basic Features of Linux

Kernel: The kernel is the Linux kernel. It is responsible for all the basic operations of this operating system. It consists of several modules and interacts directly with the basic equipment. The kernel provides the necessary abstraction to hide low-level hardware parts in system or application programs.

System Utility: System utilities are responsible for performing specialized tasks of an individual level.

System Library: A system library is a special function or program that accesses the properties of the program kernel or system utilities. These libraries implement most of the functions of the operating system and do not require access rights to the kernel module code.

Features of Linux

Features Of Linux Operating System

  • Portable(Multiplatform)
  • Multitasking
  • Multi-User
  • Wide Hardware Support
  • Dynamically Linked Shared Libraries as well as Static Libraries
  • POSIX Compliant (Almost)
  • Multiple Virtual Consoles
  • Multiprocessor (SMP) Support
  • Multithreading Support
  • Virtual Memory
  • Hierarchical File System
  • Graphical User Interface (X Window System, Wayland)
  • Multiple Filesystem Support
  • Multiple Networking Protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Appletalk, AX.25)
  • Shell
  • Strong Security Model
  • Open Source

Why Should We Use Linux

Linus has its won way of defining things. It is completely different from other operating systems.

  1. This is an open-source OS that gives programmers a big advantage since they can develop their own operating systems.
  2. This gives you many options for various popular programs, so you can choose what you need.
  3. The global developer community is considering various ways to increase its security so that it is extremely safe and powerful, so you do not need an antivirus to scan it regularly.
  4. First of all, you do not need to pay for licensing the software and server for installing Linux, it is absolutely free, and you can install it on any number of computers.
  5. This is an absolutely trouble-free operating system in which there are no problems with viruses, malware, and slowdowns of the computer.

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