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[ Best 2020 ] How To Forget A Network On Mac

How To Forget A Network On Mac: An important aspect of any macOS is just how thought-out most of the processes are, without the users have to lift a single finger up. For example, if you connect to a WiFi network from your Mac, it will remember the network forever and automatically collect it every time it becomes available. Now in this situation, you are looking for How To Forget A Network On Mac.

How To Delete Network On Mac And Optimize WiFi

Wireless connection to your Mac, to keep in mind, all in the past, especially if you tend to travel on a regular basis, the ability to add quite quickly scroll through a long time. Only airports, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, office client, open, public networks, and more.A good thing each new WiFi Login imagine, at least in Apple accounts data, Keychain WiFi, which is then stored them available on your iPhone and IPad iCloud. So why you need to remove the network sometimes?

Why forget a network on MacBook

Mac’s automatically connecting to other’s networks can create more problems than you expected. Someone can steal your confidential information while you are connected to someone else’s network.

Steps How To Forget A Network On Mac

  • You’ve used your neighbor’s WiFi during the party, and your Mac keeps connecting to his/her network, even you are back in the home.
  • You want to automatically connect to your own wifi network when you’re at the home.
  • You might be so much interested in how to delete a network on Mac.
  • You could’ve accidentally connected to a wrong open network or public WiFi in a cafe or in other places, which is not ideal for private work such as net banking, credit card transaction, etc.
  • You intend to clean up your long list of networks just to keep things clean.

If you decide to forget WiFi on Mac, the process is very easy just follow the guide below.

How to forget a network on Mac

Check-in Wi-Fi coverage area every time it bothers you, then Mac with just a few simple steps Forget this Network.

This is how you can remove the WiFi network from a Mac:

  • Click the WiFi icon in the menu bar ➙ Open Network Preferences.
  • With the WiFi selected, hit Advanced.
  • Scroll through your preferred Networks to find the one you want to remove.
  • Select that network ➙ click the minus [-] button below to forget a network on your MacBook
  • Repeat those steps for every network you’d like to delete or select a few at once to remove them together.

Once you get your MacBook to forget networks, you’ll no longer get connected to them, unless you do so manually. Your iCloud Keychain will also be updated, so the change will affect all the devices that sync to the same iCloud account.

How To Forget A Network On Mac

How to rejoin a forgotten WiFi network?

If you’d rather have it as a one-time connection, it’s fairly easy to ensure that you know where to look for:

  • Click on the WiFi icon in the menu bar
  • Open the Network Preferences
  • Make sure to untick “Automatically join this network”
  • Apply to save the changes

How To Forget A Network On Mac

How to optimize the quality and reliability of your WiFi connection?

Look, how to forget the WiFi on the Mac can, in fact, help with the wireless communication quality in general. And if you need more busy – why not let Apple, ecosystems do all the heavy lifting? To begin testing enhancing applications such as NetSpot and WiFi Explorer.

NetSpot will diagnose, manage, troubleshoot, and improve your coverage Wi-Fi, without needing any special technical or computer knowledge. WiFi channel scanner, this application is easy to determine in real boot time and loading speed, visualizes signal strength in any living area or office environment, Troubleshoots signal problems, and detects WiFi dead spots short – the perfect companion for the planning of intelligent wireless networks, regardless of, the size, or simply to improve existing with a few additional access points which are often called WiFi hotspot.

How To Forget A Network On Mac


  • Switch tabs to Survey in NetSpot’s toolbar
  • Click Start a new survey
  • Fill out the basic info and Continue
  • Draw or upload the map of your space
  • Input two points by clicking on the map and specify the actual distance between them in the box below and click Continue
  • Place the marker on the map for it to scan your WiFi
  • For help with more data-based WiFi connection troubleshooting — give WiFi Explorer, another network analyzer, a try.

WiFi Explorer can help you identify and fix common network connectivity issues without having to call your ISP (because who wants to do that?). The app scans your network environment for a range of bandwidth, signal quality, security status, and more to identify channel conflicts and coverage problems, and give you advice on how to improve the quality of the Wi-Fi connection.

How To Forget A Network On Mac

  • Launch the app to begin gathering data about WiFi.
  • Move through tabs like Network Details, Signal Strength, and Spectrum to see WiFi performance visually, or refer to the table for raw stats

Now you can see why learning “how do you forget the network in Mac useful for reducing the number of WiFis your Mac automatically turned on, and therefore, improves the overall quality of communications.

Best of all, not just try to forget the WiFi network on your Mac manually, use NetSpot and WiFi Explorer, which is available to try for free through Setapp, a platform of more than 150 applications for the Mac, created to solve any problem you may have with your Mac.

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