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[Best] How To Make an Operating System Step by Step [2020 Updated]

Learn How To Make An Operating System:

Here you will learn How To Make An Operating System, but before we proceed you need to have the essential knowledge about some programming languages, codes like C, C++, and many more that we will discuss here also. Now if you have a piece of good knowledge then why wait.
Let’s learn how to make your own operating system.

1. Learning the Basics 

How to Make a Computer Operating System

 1. Take some basic computer science courses. Unlike Web development, building an operating system requires an in-depth understanding of algorithms, data structures, computer hardware, and resource management. People will get a degree in this knowledge, so don’t expect to write an entire operating system after reading any online tutorials! Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science course is available online through EDX at no cost.

How To Make an Operating System

 2. Learn high-level programming languages such as C. After you have a solid basic knowledge of computer science, the next step is to master C and/or C ++. Just like studying computer science, language skills are optional: if you can’t write robust applications, you can’t write operating system code.

If you’re brand new to C, check out the Tutorial and more at Programiz.com

How To Make an Operating System

 3. Learn assembly language. Assembly language is a low-level language designed to interact with different processors. Since assembly is different for different processor types (e.g., x86 assembly Language for Intel, AMD, VIA, and other processors), you’ll need to learn the version for the type of processor you’re coding for.

Learn about Assembl language at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assembly_language

The Art of Assembly Language is a highly-recommended book about assembly available both on and offline.

You should also do a lot of research on the type of processor to run the operating system. Use Google Search to easily find the processor architecture manual. (“Intel Manuals,” “ARM manuals,” etc.).

How To Make an Operating System

 4. After completing the operating system tutorial, the OS tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a basic operating system, familiarize you with the process, and help you determine if anything is missing. One or two, you can build your own operating system well.

Bare Bones is a tutorial that helps you write your first simple 32-bit kernel.After completing the tutorial, the next step is to use Meaty Skeleton to structure your own operating system.

How To Make an Operating System

 5. Figure out your operating system goals.What do you want your operating system to do?How should it look?Do you really need to write an entire operating system or are you just looking to create a certain look for your desktop?

These are all things to consider before beginning to code.

Consider developing together with other programmer teams. Having a team of developers working on the project will reduce development time and work load.

Add your project goals, plans, and questions to your team repository so it’s easy for others to help you make your Operating System.

Features Of Linux Operating System

2. Building Your Operating System

How To Make an Operating System

 1. Choose your development environment. This is the platform that you use to write the code for the new operating system. This is a matter of personal preference, but most people use the Windows or UNIX style. The idea of installing a UNIX environment like Cygwin or MinGW

You’ll generally want to make sure whatever environment you’re using includes the following:

  • GCC (the Gnu compiler).If you’re using Windows, you can install it in Cygwin or MinGW.
  • Binutils is a collection of tools used for manipulating object files.Again, if you’re using Windows, you can install it in Cygwin.
  • A good text edito- Vim and emacs are commonly used in UNIX environments.Windows users can use Notepad, or check out Notepad++ for a multi-tab upgrade.
  • Perl and/or Python.One or both are recommended for string manipulation.

How To Make an Operating System

 2. Set up your version control system. Writing an operating system means you can create thousands of lines of code. This can cause confusion when making changes.

Some options to check out are CVS, Mercurial, and Subversion.

How To Make an Operating System

 3. Decide on a bootloader. If you don’t want to create your own database, you can use an existing database, such as Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB). If you are brave enough to write a bootloader, please continue.

How To Make an Operating System

 4. Choose a kernel design. The kernel is the core of the operating system and provides the interface between the user and the computer’s hardware. There are monolithic kernels and microkernels. A monolithic kernel implements all services in the kernel, while a microkernel has a small kernel combined with a custom daemon that implements the services. Generally, monolithic cores are faster, but microkernels can better isolate faults and are more reliable.

 5. Start small. Start with small things like displaying text and interrupts, then tackle things like memory management and multitasking. You can also try making a simple 16-bit operating system instead of wasting a lot of time to jump on a complicated thing.

It is not easy to create an operating system in two weeks. Therefore, start with the OS that boots and continue to introduce some great things.

How To Make an Operating System

 6. Use the virtual machine first to test the new operating system. Every time you make a change you need to use virtual machine applications instead of restarting your computer or transfer files from the developing computer to the test computer, VirtualBox is a common option that works with both Windows and Linux, and so is Bochs.Check for potential deadlocks and other bugs and repair them as needed.

How To Make an Operating System

 7. Release a “release candidate.”You can do this by uploading the tested code to a public repository. It allows people to test your operating system and they encounter any problems to report you.

How to Make a Computer Operating System

 5. Network with other operating system developers. There’s an entire community of operating system developers congregating on various forums, including /r/osdev on Reddit and the Software Engineering Stack Exchange. When you have knowledge of basic operating system development, read the existing articles to understand what happens during the development process.

Hope It Helps You To Know How To Make an Operating System.

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