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Noise cancelling headphone | BROSKI

Noise Cancelling Headphone technology has advanced a lot in the last few years. Firstly nowadays when using headphones as meant wearing a pair of big-ear headphones. That connected to a large cable with your listening device. Nowadays, there are Bluetooth headphones, real wireless earbuds, and even headphones specifically designed to interrupt any sound outside.

Active noise-canceling headphones are somewhat different from ordinary headphones with only padding that physically disrupts the sound. Instead, they have a microphone that sounds around you and the headphones hold the sound against that sound. This is a pretty neat idea that gives rise to a plethora of noise-canceling headphones that are great for traveling and experience a little peace and tranquility.

The Brosky Latty is the world’s most versatile Noise-canceling headphone. It reduces noise and you may never have heard of your music before. With Brosky Lettie, you will experience great cancellation under any circumstances with full effortlessly high fidelity dynamic sound for hours on end.

Broski features

Above the line active noise cancellation, a crystal transparent midrange sound, deep bass resonance, dual-ax cups, soft wagon leather padding, long-lasting batteries, dustproof and unique dynamic hi-fi audio range – all premium technology and Brosky Latte Marked prices featuring high-top brands, many more!

A super noise cancelling head phone 

What comes with the box.

What comes with the box

With an incredible dynamic range, Broski noise cancelling headphones Letty can deliver high-fidelity audio at any volume. Headphones often catch cracks and distort high volumes and fail to provide quality and fidelity. With Broski Lettie, there is no compromise on sound quality regardless of your volume choices.

It boasts incredible crystal-clear heights and promotes a deep bass resonance and mid-range – so you can hear all the details and feel the music in your area as the human ear can reach mid-range frequencies. We are less awkward. I have added additional power incentives to the frequency at such a high range f additional precision is obtained at frequencies. By doing this, we have created an enhanced flat response, which gives you an incredibly immersive audio experience. It is the best in Hi-Fi engineering.

It uses a long-lasting battery that provides 20+ hours of playing time. If you want to extend it further, you can change it to the passive mode by connecting it to a 3.5 mm audio cable and deactivating the Bluetooth® connection. Plus, it only takes 3 hours to charge broski Lety from 0% to 100%.

Long play time

Intuitive interface for a hassle-free experience.

Buttons and controlls

  • Active noise cancellation ON/OFF button
  • Volume / song control
  • Poser ON/OFF Make/END phone calls and Play/Pause button
  • Auxiliary input
  • LED indicator

Get 265 feet (80 meters) of powerful Bluetooth connectivity for making and receiving wireless calls, playing music and listening to videos and more.

Broski Lety folds in different ways for easy storage and comes with a luxury hard-shell portable case that fits comfortably in a gym bag and most handbags. Pack and go: traveling with noise cancelling HiFi sound has never been so convenient and affordable.


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