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xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 Download Free Full Version 64 bit

xVideoServiceThief also known as xVST is an open-source video downloader that has been around for many years. With versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it’s the only downloader you need to complete the collection of your favorite videos.

xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu is used to download videos from many video hosting websites and keep the video in your computer as long as you want. This is very easy to use and you can just download any videos with xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 with just a few click.

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XvideoServiceThief has lots of features which are described below.

Developer:XESC & Technology
Version: 2.5.1
Last Update:2014-04-22
Supported Systems:Linux, Windows, Mac


Download: xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 Download Free Full Version 64 bit

Major features of xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 download and it’s performance


  • The interface of this software is simple and easy. You can easily use all of its features.

Large Pool

  • it works with a very large number of websites from which you can download any videos for free.

Parallel Download

  • This software downloads multiple videos. You can insert multiple URLs at once and all the videos will download at the same time.

Schedule Downloads

  • fortunately, you can set future downloads. There is an option through which you can set future download and the download will start at the time you set.


  • It is completely secure and virus free. It is completely malware-free.

Convert Downloaded Videos

  • xVideoServiceThief can download videos and convert them into all popular video formats you want. It not only a downloader but also a video converter.


  • xVideoServiceThief offers you a great speed boost during downloads. Many downloaders out there that offer great downloading panel but what they are lacking is a great speed. Speed is the main feature of a downloader. xVideoServiceThief offers you super fast speed during the download because it downloads a single file over multiple connections.

Resume Downloading

  • Finally, you can easily resume incomplete downloads. This is also a prominent feature of a great downloader.

Drag & Drop support

  • Drop your video links directly to the xVideoServiceThief so you don’t need to copy and paste the video URL.

Children protection

  • You can disable adult website support and protect your children from adult sites.

Core based on plugins

  • You can extend your copy of xVST with your own JavaScript plugins.

xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 download and Installation procedure

Download xVideoServiceThief Linux, Windows, Mac

GNU/Linux BinariesCompressed Package (dynamic version) – 64 bitsLinux Dynamic version. Compiled with Qt 4.6.x
WindowsWindows InstallerWindows Static version
MacDMG Package (intel 64-bits)Mac OS X Frameworks version. Compiled for 32 and 64 bits only. Mac OS X 10.5.x Intel only


The complete download guide to install xVideosServiceThief written down below. (Also you can install from Download Page)

  1. Download xVideoServiceThief for Linux from here.
  2. extract it use this command tar -xvf xVST_2_5_1_x64-linux-dynamic.tar
  3. put this command cd xVST_2_5_1_x64-linux-dynamic
  4. Add permission to install.sh file using this command chmod +x install.sh
  5. Start installing by this command ./install.sh
  6. Proceed through the step of installation. That’s all, Its complete. Enjoy Downloading.

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xVideoServiceThief Linux Ubuntu Free Download

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